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: :   FYI Aerobic Exercise Helps Menopausal Symptoms

Aerobic Exercise Helps Menopausal Symptoms

That cardiovascular exercise is good for you is not news, but a recent small study in Finland gives more credence to the benefits of aerobic exercise (including walking) for menopausal symptoms. In the study, 74 women between the ages of 45-63 who were experiencing menopausal symptoms were randomized to 50 minutes of exercise 4 days a week for 24 weeks. A control group of 77 women attended health lectures only. After 6 months the exercise group reported a 10% decrease in mood swings, irritability, and night sweats, a definite benefit over the women in the lecture group. Symptoms not affected by the exercise included depression, headaches, urinary problems, and vaginal dryness. So, lace up those sneakers and begin! ♀

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