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Here you'll find quick takes about hot flashes, menopause, and other aspects of health that impact your life. We'll be adding new factoids regularly, so check back often.​

New Study Results on Estrogen Therapy

At least one new study has shone a positive light on estrogen replacement therapy (HRT). Over 12 years, researchers followed over 7,600 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 who had had a hysterectomy. The women were randomized to follow either an estrogen-only regimen or a placebo for almost 6 years.


Aerobic Exercise Helps Menopausal Symptoms

That cardiovascular exercise is good for you is not news, but a recent small study in Finland gives more credence to the benefits of aerobic exercise (including walking) for menopausal symptoms. In the study, 74 women between the ages of 45-63 who were experiencing menopausal symptoms were randomized to 50 minutes of exercise 4 days a week for 24 weeks.


The Link Between Fish Oil and Brain Health

A UCLA study published in the journal Neurology found a link between inadequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) and accelerated brain aging. Researchers studied the blood levels of two nutrients in these fatty acids in 1,575 people and performed MRI brain scans and cognitive tests on them.


Cola Consumption and Bone Density

A 2006 study found that drinking colas was associated with a significantly lower bone mineral density (BMD) among women, particularly in hip bones. A low BMD puts a woman at risk for bone fractures.


Middle Age, Divorce, and STD's

Newly divorced middle-aged women are at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) because without the fear of pregnancy, fewer of them have protected sex, says a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.


Does Weight Affect Hot Flashes?

A small study at the University of Pittsburgh looked at 52 women between the ages of 54-64 to determine if body fat had any effect on the frequency of hot flashes. None of the women were taking medications for hot flashes.


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