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How to Be Hot-Flash Friendly

Apart from throwing external remedies at our internal issues with a changing body during menopause, there are other ways to make ourselves physically comfortable through the time of "the change."

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Our physical environment is something we can manipulate to some extent to bring a little more comfort into our lives.
Weather is not generally something we can control; what we wear in that weather is.Hot flashes, ironically, are often accompanied by chills that follow the evaporation of the perspiration that erupted during the hot flash. Dressing in layers is the most sensible approach for a menopausal woman to ease the transition between hot and cold. Some women benefit from using a small fan while sitting at a desk in an office or drinking ice-cold beverages to keep the inner thermostat a little cooler. It may be counterintuitive, but regular aerobic exercise is also known to help lessen (not eliminate) the number of hot flashes one experiences in a typical day.

Having enumerated some of the outer remedies or things we can do externally to bring comfort to ourselves during menopause, what about our internal selves?

Acceptance and Blossoming
In our modern American society, most of us are aware, sometimes painfully, of a "youth culture" put forward with rather distressing regularity by the media and advertising executives. There are diets, lotions and potions, plastic surgeries, total makeovers, and exercise equipment all promoted heavily to sell us on the idea that youth is, indeed, eternal and that it should be sought at all costs.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with the idea of maintaining a youthful outlook on life (i.e., keeping up with trends, maintaining meaningful contact with young people, taking loving care of one's health and body, etc.), it sometimes seems that the wisdom and maturity, the stability, level-headedness, grace, and security that we derive from aging are too easily dismissed in favor of outward youthful looks and behavior as a means of garnering attention, social stature, respect, and even value as a part of society. In other words, do we go too far in denying or suppressing our hot flashes instead of both embracing that time of life when we recognize the close of our childbearing years and welcoming a whole new future? Are we trying to be something we are no longer? Should we just "ride the wave" and "go with the flow"?

HFN 030 HotFlashFriendly 2 18209989In keeping with the notion of acceptance of this life change, there is much anecdotal evidence to support the position that emotional stressors can also trigger hot flashes. A positive attitude regarding the way menopause is received by the woman who is in it can, in fact, impact the severity and duration of hot flashes.

The power of the mind and the effect it has on our bodies cannot be understated. Understanding that menopause is not a bodily change to fear, but rather one to embrace, can ease a woman's mind and help her ride the waves of hormonal turbulence. Menopausal symptoms are temporary and are a reminder that our time of freedom is at hand. Gone are worries of unplanned pregnancy, monthly explosions of red, cramps, and bloating. Gone are the days (for most) of child-rearing and its extraordinary demands on our time. These are the days of more worry-free, spontaneous sex, more time to pamper ourselves, and time to love our grandchildren. These are the days of being free to be who we are and love ourselves for having been strong enough to get this far. These are not hot flashes—they are, indeed, POWER SURGES! Rejoice in them! ♀

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