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Fashion Help for Hot Flashes

Imagine being able to get through a hot flash in public with confidence that you won't be dripping with sweat, ruining your makeup, or meeting the world with a red and flushed appearance. With summer weather here, just sitting on your porch on a hot day can be a challenge. Luckily, creative fashionistas have implemented new technology into their designs to bring you a wealth of fashionable options to combat hot flashes associated with menopause.

Benefits of Personal Cooling Accessories
Cooling headbands, neckbands and other accessories provide wearers many additional advantages that will:

  • Keep body temperature safely regulated
  • Help avoid dangerous heat exhaustion during summer hot flashes
  • Provide long lasting comfort
  • Maintain a constant comfortable temperature
  • Offer cooling effects that travel through pulse points to other areas of the body
  • Keep you relaxed and stress-free
  • Improve sleep and promote well-being

HFN 104 FashionforHotFlashes2 RF2478816Types of Fashionable Cooling Products
While electric fans or air conditioners can give you comfort at home when you’re experiencing a hot flash, the only way to get on-the-go relief is by incorporating coolness right into your wardrobe. A number of manufacturers have released innovative products that look good and keep you cool and calm for hours. Although HFN hasn’t tested the claims for these products, we offer these suggestions as potential relief from your hot flashes.

Polar Breeze Bandanas: Like other cooling neck and headbands, the Polar Breeze line uses nontoxic polymer crystals for their ability to absorb and maintain coolness. With an outer skin of comfortable cotton, this particular brand comes in a large assortment of fashionable colors, patterns, and styles. The crystals are activated by placing the item in a cool bath resulting in quick comfort that lasts for hours.  When the crystals become warm, simply resoak to activate the crystals again.

Cool Downz: With a strong claim of lasting for days rather than hours, the Cool Downz line might be the perfect cooling product for you. While these bands use the same polymer crystal technology as many other brands, the adjustable ties and extra length works for people of all shapes and sizes. In terms of fashion, they come in several patterns as well as simple yet attractive color combinations.

CoolRBands: These bands use ice instead of polymer crystals to provide the maximum amount of cooling power. While they don't last as long as crystal-filled solutions, they do work quickly for those extra uncomfortable hot flashes. The ice is encased in comfortable, easy-to-clean fabric in an array of bright colors. For instant, powerful relief, these seem to be an excellent cooling solution.

ArctiCollar Personal Cooling System: A little unusual looking with a large, bright blue neoprene outer shell surrounding a segmented cooling pack, the lightweight ArctiCollar may not be the final word on fashion. However, its revolutionary cooling system provides fast relief for women suffering from frequent hot flashes. The "phase change" technology provides a safe and refreshing temperature output in the 55-60°F range no matter the humidity level or the ambient temperature of your surroundings. It activates with a 20-minute bath in ice water, 90 minutes in your freezer, or 45 minutes in the refrigerator.

Electric Yoga Cap: This is a “beanie” type cap that looks almost like a swimming cap but made from a soft, stretchy fabric to fit almost any head. The fabric uses a wicking technology to keep your hair out of your face and dry during workouts.

Headsweats Super Duty Race Hat: This cap uses a wide COOLMAX® terry sweatband to help fight the sweats while you’re running a race or running around town doing chores.  The brim helps shield your face from the hot sun, too.

Cool Off: These herbal towelettes infused with essential oils claim to provide “icy cold” relief when you’re overheated.  The effect lasts for up to 20 minutes after pressing one against your skin. They’re convenient and portable, packaged individually in boxes of 12.  Keep some in your gym bag, your purse, and take them to the beach.

When it comes to fashion and comfort, headbands, neckbands, and caps that wick moisture or offer soothing coolness are the latest waves in personal cooling technology. Now you can stay comfortable and refreshed while still keeping an eye on your fashion sense. ♀

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