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A Recipe for Valentine’s Day – Every Day

While Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday that moves a lot of greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, and dinner reservations, HFN would like to suggest two things for you to think about. One is getting in a Valentine's Day kind of mood more than once a year with your partner. The other, and maybe an even more important focus, is caring for yourself.


Dietary Substitutes Can Help Hot Flashes

There is no woman going through menopause who doesn't wish she could reduce or eliminate her symptoms. This is especially true when it comes to fiery hot flashes. Unfortunately, there is no complete guaranteed escape from hot flashes, but there are ways of decreasing the frequency in which they occur.


Organized Support Groups: A Place to Vent (and Ventilate)

If you are a woman currently going through menopause, you know just how difficult it can be. The awkward, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing symptoms you're experiencing have no doubt turned your life upside down—and that's just the physical side of things. Menopause can also cause an exorbitant amount of mental stress, which is why it's important for you reach out to the people around you.

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Menopause, Your Mom, and You

The genetic bond you share with your mother affects everything from the color of your hair to the color of your language. The genetic makeup you share with your mother can reveal a great deal of health-related issues and answers, especially regarding the age at which your mother entered menopause.

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