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When to Call a Professional

When Your Memory Sabotages You

We all forget from time to time where we put our keys or why we got up and went into another room. These instances are common, but mostly (and thankfully) they are momentary lapses. But menopause has some strange effects on us, and no two women have exactly the same experience.


When to Seek Professional Help

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In addition to the difficult symptoms menopausal women experience, there are also many other hardships that can prove to be inconvenient and embarrassing, such as hot flashes and incontinence. Many women prefer to tough out their symptoms or are too embarrassed by some of them to seek help.


The Ups and Downs of Mood Swings

Dealing with menopause can be difficult. Not only is your body changing, but the symptoms that accompany menopause can have a significant effect on your life as well. For some women, mood swings are the most dramatic symptoms of menopause.HFN 027 MoodSwings 1 11053498


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