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Your Stories

Sarah’s Story – Hot Flashes on a Bus

When I was 40 I had what was called a partial hysterectomy, the removal of my uterus but not my ovaries. I no longer had periods, but my cycle continued and would do so till I reached my natural menopause. Most of my symptoms were gone, so I was not aware when I would have been bleeding each month.


Sheila’s Story: Menopausal Migraines

I'm 59 years old now. During my perimenopause and menopause phases, the only symptom that really plagued me was my migraine headaches. They were debilitating. Both my OB/GYN and my general practitioner prescribed pain relief medications. Even the new (at the time) class of drugs for migraines called triptophans, such as Imitrex, didn't always work.


Layla’s Story—Dressing in Layers

Oh, I have my own personal heat waves, they happen usually at the most inconvenient time! Prickly feeling warms over then I get a sticky warm sweat covering my body, It's so gross! Now I have to dress in layers cuz I'm usually stripping something off so I don't sweat my makeup off! Gotta love being a woman! 

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