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Your Stories

Harriet’s Story: Yesteryear’s Hormone Bullying

Over 20 years ago, when I first started experiencing "perimenopause" symptoms, my gynecologist tried to convince me to get on the bandwagon and fill a prescription for hormone replacement therapy. He insisted that if I did not start taking hormones immediately, I would be putting my life in danger for heart disease.


Natalie’s Story—Natural Products for Hot Flashes

Thank God for my unheated swimming pool in my backyard. I spent my first summer with hot flashes in a bathing suit, submerging myself in that pool nearly every day. It really worked great until I had to put on clothes and go out into the real world.


Tara’s Story—From HRT to Other Options

I started having premenopausal symptoms when I was 46 years old. My periods were irregular. Some months I would have very little flow and others I would have more than normal. I finally made an appointment with my gynecologist. He said I was too young to be going through menopause and said to come back in six months.


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