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Your Stories

Marsha’s Story—Hot Flashes Making a Comeback

Too bad we can't harness hot flashes as an energy source. In my case, at least, it would be an endless source! I thought I was done with flashes and night sweats, but alas, at 60, I find they've staged a resurgence. My nurse practitioner says that some people have them for decades... I know that giving up coffee would probably help--but for now I've decided a little sweat is worth it to enjoy my morning java.

Jenny's Story—Did Her Cold Extremities Take the Heat?

I went on the pill in my thirties and just got off it at 58 - I think I maybe had 3 hot flashes. This wonder may have been achieved, however, due to the fact that I always have cold hands and feet and had somewhere to drain out the excess!

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