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About Us

Mission Statement
Hot Flashes are a extremely disruptive symptom of menopause that can significantly interfere with healthy living. As more women search online for better understanding of hot flashes and menopause, technology has significantly increased the available information, yet finding a centralized resource for reliable and creditable information continues to be challenging.

HotFlash Network was created to be that comprehensive, one-stop information resource where women will be empowered to make informed decisions on how to manage their menopause-related symptoms in balance with their everyday lives. At HFN, you'll find searchable access to a broad and varied spectrum of information, ideas, and resources regarding the diagnosis, treatment options, related lifestyle changes, and survival tips associated with hot flashes and menopause. Most importantly, site visitors are able to communicate with a global network of like-minded people who face similar challenges, share experiences, enhance their base of knowledge, catch up on current trends and find sources for products and treatment options.

The primary mission of HotFlash Network is to educate and empower women by providing a filtered resource of significant, diverse, and relevant content and product information about hot flashes and menopause without opinion, recommendation or bias.

Management Team
Experience, professionalism and an unrelenting drive for quality define the team behind HFN.

Bob Joudanin, President and Founder
Phone: 201.594.1478
Fax: 201.594.1479
Email: [email protected]

Bob launched HotFlash Network in 2011 and is responsible for driving the company's corporate strategy, sales, business development, and overall operations. Most recently, he served as Vice President and Digital Publishing Director for Nielsen Business Media, overseeing sales, business strategy, brand development, and operations for their Retail, Travel & Performance, and Building & Design business groups' portfolio of websites and related digital products.

Bob has over 30 years' experience with digital and integrated media startups, development, and marketing across many diverse industries — from jewelry, graphic design, and business continuity, to architectural lighting, online casual gaming, and analytical and life sciences. He also launched an industry leading business and marketing publication for the pharmaceutical industry, where he served as Publisher.

Suzanne Harvey, Editorial Director
Email: [email protected]

Suzanne oversees all editorial content for HFN. She spent 17 years in the editorial end of publishing and served as editor of a business and marketing magazine for the pharmaceutical industry. She also spent 13 years managing Continuing Medical Education programs, focusing on cardiovascular disease, for physicians and other healthcare providers.

Suzanne's commitment to women's health and well-being manifested in her work as a state legislator for six years, during which she chaired an interagency commission on human trafficking and was the prime sponsor of the law that made human trafficking a felony in her state. Her ongoing volunteer work includes her passion for the environment, plus she serves on the board of directors of the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. She believes that women can make knowledgeable choices about their health if they have reliable information, which is what she aims for HFN to provide.

If you have any general comments, questions and suggestions, please visit our Contact Us page.

The information on HotFlash Network is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment by a qualified physician or other healthcare provider. (Details)

HotFlash Network (HFN) is an independent information website/portal owned and operated by Flying Panda Media, LLC

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