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Fashion Help for Hot Flashes

Imagine being able to get through a hot flash in public with confidence that you won't be dripping with sweat, ruining your makeup, or meeting the world with a red and flushed appearance. With summer weather here, just sitting on your porch on a hot day can be a challenge.


What’s the Skinny on Moisture-Wicking Fabrics?

Hot flashes can wreak havoc on a woman’s sleeping schedule. Whether a side effect of medications, menopause, or another physical condition, night sweats can not only prevent one from resting soundly through the night, but also cause significant discomfort, bouts of insomnia, and even depression.


Flashing Your Inner Fashionista

Night sweats present a difficult enough challenge, interrupting your sleep and leaving your nightclothes and bedding soaked.  But if you have hot flashes at your workplace or during a night on the town, the challenge is all the more complicated. How does that carefully planned outfit stay fresh looking?  What do you do if it happens during a meeting with management and coworkers?  What if it happens while you’re making a presentation? Or at your mate’s dinner with the boss?