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Night Bliss is an in-bed air blower powerful enough to inflate users own bedding into a personal wind cocoon, initiated by a single, wireless neck pendant style button. Within 3 seconds of activation, delivers the precise strength and duration of cooling wind needed to relieve the most severe hot flash attacks whenever and as often as needed during the night. Night Bliss

Releftra naturally relieves menopause symptoms including hot flashes, irritability, stress and tension, sleeplessness, and fatigue. Releftra's proprietary formula and exclusive blend of ingredients also supports positive mind and mood, restful sleep, mental focus, breast health, and cardiovascular health. Releftra

A feminine print with soft colors and lacy inset makes this long gown a must have for your night wardrobe. Its rayon-spandex fabric makes it machine washable. Soma Intimates

This tank top for sleeping both absorbs and wicks moisture and can be matched with cute boy shorts. Choose hot pink, blue, or black. Wear the top during the day, too. Visit Dry Babe.

Put this pillow in the freezer (it folds for easier storage) and whip it out when those hot flashes attack. Place it around your neck for ultimate soothing. Its outer pillowcase can be removed for easy machine washing. From Hot Flash Pillow.

Yankee Candle® offers a new decorative item in 12 fragrances. The Ember Light® in a large vase provides 100-140 hours of fragrance.

Clearly Natural® brings you Hot Flash Relief Spray, a peppermint-based natural product that you spray at the back of your neck when you feel a hot flash coming on. It might be worth a try if nothing else is helping you.

If you want to caution your friends and family about your hot flashes, wear this shirt available at CafePress. Humor goes a long way in making hot flashes the natural occurrence they are.

Spritz this Hot Flash Splash® on your neck and chest when you have a hot flash and enjoy the bergamot and sweet orange essential oils, peppermint and spearmint oils to cool those hot flashes, and a bit of lavender to calm you. Keep in the fridge for an even cooler treat!

A special gel keeps the PolarPillow cool—without refrigeration—and without a need to keep flipping your pillow during the night to find a cool spot. A standard size pillowcase works with it.

Looking for a comforter or blanket that responds to temperature and offers a cooler or warmer cover for you at night as needed? This might do the trick. It’s made with silk fibers and a bleach-free cotton cover and resists mold, allergens, and insects such as mites. Available from Mulberry West.

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You always moisturize after your bath or shower, but you can’t face putting on a greasy-feeling product when you know you’re going to have hot flashes or night sweats. This light product from Bliss® might be just what your body needs to keep your skin moisturized without making those hot flashes seems as if your whole body is perspiring.

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