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Finding a Support Group

Organized Support Groups: A Place to Vent (and Ventilate)

If you are a woman currently going through menopause, you know just how difficult it can be. The awkward, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing symptoms you're experiencing have no doubt turned your life upside down—and that's just the physical side of things. Menopause can also cause an exorbitant amount of mental stress, which is why it's important for you reach out to the people around you.

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Emotional Support Is Key

HFN 022 SupportGroup 1 19589723Going through menopause can be difficult enough, but when hot flashes are part of the mix, your daily life takes on even more challenges. Your body changes during menopause, and you might be experiencing uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing and even painful symptoms. It's possible your mood swings are even causing your personal relationships to suffer.