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Does Wild Yam Cream Bring Hot-Flash Relief?

There are many different forms of treatment available designed to help ease some of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. For a long time, many women were simply prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a way to replace their diminishing hormones (the cause of most menopausal symptoms). However, when it was discovered that HRT carried its own set of hazards, such as an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke, many women started looking for safer ways to deal with their symptoms.


Topicals for Your Symptoms

There was a time when women seeking menopause treatment would undergo hormone replacement therapy. Later, it was discovered that prolonged exposure to HRT could lead to increased health risks, such as cancer and heart disease. This knowledge has led to the wider use of alternative therapies and methods of administration, such as the use of topical menopause treatments. Topical administration of estrogen does offer benefits that lessen, but not exclude, the risks associated with oral medication.