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Your Stories

Kate’s Story—Her Brain Went Fuzzy

Are you kidding? Menopause was a piece of cake! I only got hot flashes if I drank a (tiny) little too much of any kind of alcohol, and the flash would always come in the middle of the night. (Why couldn't the flash be some hot super hero like it sounds?) Or when I was about to speak in front of a large group of people, like the NH House. My biggest problem was the word loss.... I would say things like, “OK. I am the committee chairwoman, but you should all know that I have this brain/body chemistry issue.... so when I go blank on a word, you are all allowed to shout out what you think it is. For example if I say: "I'm thirsty, I really need a drink of ..... it's clear, and you get it out of a tap....." You can shout out "water" or "Gin" or whatever. ..... Thanks, now let's begin our meeting." Because my word loss was that bad. I also used to refer to my kids thusly: "You, you, the middle one....”

Barbara’s Story - Hot Flashes & Migraines

I had my last baby when I was 40.  Soon thereafter I began to experience hot flashes.  It’s hard for me to say how the various parts of the thing relate, but I know that many of the parts are affected by hormones, which might be the link.  I’ll mention things that all were part and parcel of my life as a woman for the next eight years.


Jackie’s Story – Winter Coat Begone!

I have heard that many women mid-hot flash wish for a freezer they could squeeze into. I was very lucky to have just that, except it was the state of Vermont, no squeezing necessary.

I was 51 years old when my first hot flashes started in 1992 on a ski trip to Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont. Traveling over Christmas week with my husband, son, and his girlfriend, I started sweating and feeling flushed one night at dinner.


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